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Join us at one of our monthly support group meetings and connect with other parents who have suffered a similar loss.  Also, throughout the year, we hold workshops. These are RSVP ONLY events specifically for fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, etc. Please continue to check this tab for updates on these special Workshops led by Dr. Jake Andreason, and others.

You can also find us on Facebook here. This is an open group, meaning anything you post on here may be seen by others on your news feed. To stay aware of all that’s happening in our organization, we encourage you to text ShareParents at 1-855-407-3205 to be added to our text lists that remind you of events and support meetings.

To support our families in Central/Rural Utah, we have the Share Parents of Utah Serving Central Utah Facebook page.

We have two closed Facebook groups that you may use for more personal conversations to help you vent and work through your grief. We invite anyone interested to also join these groups. The first group is the Share

Parents FaceBook Support Group

A general group for grief:

A group for the Share Parents Facebook Pregnancy After Loss group for specific support for subsequent pregnancies:

Instagram: @ShareParentsOfUtah

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