October 9, 2021 * 2:00 pm * International Peace Gardens

All families can pick up their star/moon and hang them in the arbor. Pick up your pre-purchased merchandise and then find a place to sit in front of the stage.  

Welcome: Katrina Kmak

Song: Emily Bea performs ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ written by Wilbur Schwandt, Fabian Andre and George Kahn

Poems: Leina and Luke Fitzgerald

Songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow written by Yip Harburg and Waiting For You written by Emily Bea

Name Reading By: Katrina Kmak

Dove Release: Riddle Family

Leading us on our WALK: Fitzgerald Family

Emcee: Katrina Kmak

Katrina Kmak is honored to be here today with all of you. Katrina resides in Park City, Utah with her boys (husband and son) named John. You can find her reading stories to the young people at the Park City Library, where she works as the Youth Services Librarian. In her free time, she likes playing, reading, performing, puzzling, and crocheting. 

Katrina Kmak: Actor, Singer, Percussionist, “Mary Poppins Of Park City”

Vocals: Emily Bea

Emily Bea is a local singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. For the past 10 years, Emily has been performing at various venues around the country and frequently performs at weddings, country clubs, and other events. Emily has independently recorded and released 3 albums; her most recent was a home-themed album, ‘Coming Back Home’ that was released earlier this year. Included on this album is her song titled, ‘Waiting For You’ that written about her personal struggles with infertility/pregnancy loss, in hopes to bring awareness and strength to those who may be silently struggling. You can find her music on all streaming services and follow her on all social media under @emilybeamusic 

Dove Release family focus: Lorenzo and Kasondra Riddle

Eager to see their newest family addition and find out the gender of their 4th child, Lorenzo and Kasondra Riddle loaded up their 3 kids and took them along for the celebration at their baby’s first ultrasound. This appointment, however, turned out nothing like what they expected. They would soon find out that this little bundle of joy would never be able to survive outside of Kasondra’s belly. After 12 weeks of hoping and praying for a miracle, their baby just couldn’t hold on any longer, and Amirra was born sleeping in June of 2015. Since then, their family has found comfort in honoring her little life through serving with Share Parents of Utah. She taught them that Love Is Longer Than Life. 

Walk focus family: Luke and Leina Fitzgerald

Luke and Leina had been married 3 years when they decided to try for a baby. They were lucky to get pregnant soon after and were soon expecting their first child- a baby boy due to arrive in late January of 2018. It was a textbook pregnancy for them and as new expecting parents do they began to plan and prepare and get so excited for the future. Counting down the days their baby would be here, he was always a very active baby moving around so much and just got them more and more excited. It came as a surprise when one day they didn’t feel him moving as much. They rushed to the hospital late at night only to receive the worst news any parent could at 39 weeks. There is no heartbeat. Sweet Leland Bruce was born still at 39 weeks he was 8lbs 12 oz. and 21 inches long of pure perfection. Their lives changed forever. Since then Share Parents has been an important part of their lives in helping them to heal and honor Lee. They also have one rainbow boy and are anxiously awaiting a little girl.

2019 Share Parents of Utah Walk.

We ask that for the safety of others you remain seated until your section is dismissed to start the walk. After the walk, you are invited to take photos near the Name Wall banner, Share tree, your baby’s star/moon and visit our merchandise tent (all purchases help keep Share Parents of Utah in the business of serving and supporting families throughout Utah. We also invite everyone to take their moons/stars, enjoy a light refreshment and make a new friend.

Thank you for sharing your day with us! Don’t forget to bookmark sputah.org for upcoming events and resources. Text: (855) 407-3205 to receive event and support meeting reminders.

Support Groups

New in 2021, we have added a Spanish Zoom support meeting, a Park City meeting hosted by Josh and Brooke as well as our 6 other meetings! Check the calendar to see when the next meeting is.

Facebook Support Groups

Dads, please join other Dads on our private Facebook group! Share families can always find support on our public page. Private support for parents can be found here and here.

Upcoming Events

October 15 International Wave of Light

We invite you to join with us October 15 at 7pm local time. October 15 is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and is recognized across the world where you join with other families, worldwide, and take part in the global Wave of Light. Wherever you happen to be, simply light a candle at 7pm local time and leave it burning for at least 1 hour as we remember all babies that have died too soon. This can be done individually or in a group, at home or in a communal space. Wherever you do this, you will be joining a global Wave of Light‚ in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.

This year we’re also inviting you to join a digital Wave of Light at 7pm local time on October 15. To be part of this take a photo of your candle and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #WaveOfLight at 7pm local time. #WaveofLight202, #SPoUweremember, #ShareParentsofUtah, #26thAnnualShareWalk, #PregnancyandInfantLossAwareness, as well as your baby’s name(s).

October 23, Shopping Extravaganza at Traverse Mountains in Lehi

Purchase your ticket today and ALL proceeds will benefit Share Parents of Utah. One-day savings offers, desserts, drinks, entertainment, swag bag and a chance to win more than $30,000 in gift cards.

December 1-4 Festival of Trees

This year the festival returns with a hybrid approach. Some events will be held online and others will be held at the Mountain America Expo Center located in Sandy, Utah. CLICK HERE for up-to-date information.

You still have time to get your personalized Keepsake/Take-Home and Festival ornaments. Each year we give you the opportunity to add a keepsake ornament to your Christmas tree as well as have your baby represented at the Festival of Trees. By purchasing a second ornament, at a deeply discounted price, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Ask any of our families how much it means when they attend the event and stand in front of a tree that represents their baby and you will witness precisely how meaningful it truly is. Not everyone can beautifully decorate a tree, cover all the costs it takes to do so, and then donate it to a great cause. We at Share Parents of Utah figured out a way to not only raise money for two notable causes; our organization, as well as Primary Children’s Hospital, but also turn it into a very very tender and meaningful experience for over 100 Share families each and every year. Seeing a tree decorated with ornaments representing and adorned with 100-200 angel babies’ names is equally heart-wrenching and incredibly touching to say the least.

2021 will mark Share Parents of Utah’s 7th year participating in the event. Over those seven years we have helped raise $17,161 from the sales of our donated trees. A remarkable representation of all our babies stand in six, going on seven, beautiful homes each and every holiday season. This year is the 51st Annual Festival of Trees benefitting Primary Children’s Hospital. Even if you do not participate in our tree, make sure you stop by and honor each and every baby who it represents.

This year’s ornament blends perfectly with our 26th Annual Walk for Remembrance and Hope theme: “I Love You Past The Moon And Miss You Beyond The Stars”

Each ornament is a gold ring adorned by greenery, purple berries, frosted tips and a gold bow. For your take-home ornament you get to choose from one of three words: 1) Faith 2) Hope or 3) Love and your baby’s initial will hang from that word backed by a shiny star. Ornament measures approximately 6.5″x8″ and is available at our Merchandise Boutique tent as well as our website shopping cart. Limited quantities of each word apply-do not delay in securing yours today.

December 6 The Christmas Box Angel Statue Candlelight Ceremony

The Christmas Box Angel Statue was introduced to the world in the book The Christmas Box, a worldwide bestseller and hit television movie by author Richard Paul Evans. In the book, a woman mourns the loss of her child at the base of an angel monument. Though the story is mostly fiction, the angel monument once existed but is speculated to have been destroyed. The new angel statue was commissioned by Richard Paul Evans, in response to reports that grieving parents were seeking out the angel as a place to grieve and heal. The monument was dedicated on December 6, 1994-corresponding with the date of the child’s death in The Christmas Box. (Coincidentally, Dec. 6th is celebrated in many parts of the world as Children’s Day).

On December 6th of each year (7 p.m. MST) a candlelight healing ceremony is held at the base of each Christmas Box Angel monument. After a few remarks, a moment of silence, and the lullaby of a children’s choir, the attendees are invited to leave a white flower at the base of the angel statue. The public is welcome and each year you will find many Share families in attendance. There are many statues throughout Utah including: Salt Lake City, Spanish Fork, Eagle Mountain, Vernal, St. George, Ogden, and Westpoint (this may not be a complete list-please visit http://www.RichardPaulEvans.com for more information).

Thank You: We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Share volunteers for their countless hours of selfless service spent in honor of their babies- from hospital companionships, support meetings, workshops, social media, service projects, administration and all of the behind the scenes work that makes this organization run. The work and mission of Share Parents of Utah are successful only because of the dedication of these women and men. Your babies will absolutely never be forgotten.

We extend appreciation to the following groups/businesses for their services and generosity at this years walk